UFG Humbly Reports 2020

Happy New Year,

2020 Shook the Earth…

So much so that WE CANCEL Ourselves and are Burning the Brand in Protest of corruption Here. – see the story. We love you!  Our Mission continues!

UFG’s Report humbly 2020 BY THE NUMBERS:

-We thankfully kept 100% of our employees and subcontractors fully employed during 2020…  

85 families in Lykins Neighborhood came and picked up a free Victory Garden Kit this Spring.

4500 form-fitting masks assembled at the MakerSpace and shipped to one of our partners in the early COVID response. Prepped for 10 new jobs manufacturing masks if needed.

-3 Weeks this spring we safely staffed and supplied curbside vegetable plant sale orders with contact free pickup. Tens of thousands of seeds and plants started and grown on campus with MORT, and with the help of Abundant Life transplant team.

-This spring we supported hundreds of KC first time gardeners by donating 800 bags of organic fertilizer, 1 for every KC resident that arrived and we sold thousands of plant starts we grew to help people grow their own food. This amounted to around $30,000 worth of plants grown onsite and product that we used to empower others with food sovereignty in a timely way. Hundreds of thousands of pounds collectively of Food Capacity Increase on the year in KC. Many hundreds times of our farm, from our farm.  Thank you Genesys Organic Fertilizer! and MORT and Abundant Life and CCCC For your springtime well executed partnership. Real empowerment.

-we held ground and maintained local food security during a national crisis.

-The Urban Farm continued to grow food all YEAR. We have donated hundreds of pounds of produce this year. We survived despite losing most of our restaurant customers due to lockdowns, but we have since gained new ones, so all is well.  And extra produce has been delivered to people in the neighborhood weekly. Checking in on people’s well being with food, masks and distance, bridges built and maintained. 

-We helped ONE neighborhood remain calm and connected.

EVERY WEEK without fail we partnered with Black Sheep Restaurant + Market to deliver fresh hot meals to neighbors and robotics kids weekly families until fall.   In March Their HUGE Hearts mounted a great outreach and pivoted their restaurant to a “Pay as you can” Community Kitchen.   After a long lasting valiant effort all year, eventually the economics failed from lockdown restrictions.  Black Sheep, and Chef Michael Foust, We will always remember you for the love you gave in 2020! #ChefMichaelFoust.    

-We rented one of our house to traveling nurses for several months.

-We continued to Incubate local food businesses on our Campus in Kansas City.  

-In 2020 we sold 2 vacant lots for cost to local urban farmers who are currently impacting the local food scene with excellence. We are actively creating win/win situations tied to the land every month. The ground is healing.   

DOWN 1 BIG, We suspended After-school Robotics at the Makerspace this Spring but remain ready to reopen as soon as it is deemed safe, and when we can afford  acceptable transportation, our Transport van was recently stolen by a unmarked black tow truck on clear camera.  Likely went to the scrapyard since they don’t require title by law after 10 yrs old. 

-We have hosted 8 interns this year quarantining together preparing for long term agriculture missions work in the Philippines, and one paid student/intern from the Jewish Federation.  They helped us outreach tremendously this year. 

-We have completed the renovation of 2 new affordable rental houses in 2020 all previously vacant and boarded up. 

One house now provides housing to a previously homeless person who does work for us. 

-And just this week we were approached by a long time volunteer who has recently become homeless, and it was so perfect that we were able to offer them a part time job doing construction cleanup while they look for other work.

-For the first time in 2020 we have failed to fundraise more than $100k this year for our work…yet we still survived and thrived.  We are ready to continue when all donations cease due to coming censorships …we will just downsize and keep moving onward, un-televised serving many communities we are connected with as volunteers. 

-We continued to Thrive in 2020 without Kansas City Foundations and Grants support, who typically avoid empowerment work. Many of which organizations are aligning for the Great Reset and Elite Stewardship of all systems happening now globally and locally through economic class warfare. 

-in 2020 we picked an underdog FIGHT with Sealmaster and Asphalt Sealant company who set up industrial shop 100 feet from Lykins residences and began pumping the most awful concentrated vapor called “C.P.T.V’s” or “coal tar pitch volatiles” into the air.  April-Oct. 55,000 gallons a batch.  Semi tankers in and out.    Hundreds of official neighborhood complaints to the city mapped and copied emails.   Still $45,000 short of being able to hire a legal firm to bring a toxicity instrument to measure.  Because the burden of proof is on the poor people of this world, systems broken.  Even a Professor from UMKC gave a written note to or neighborhood director to read aloud at the neighborhood meeting saying that “its probably safe”.  While nearby residents cannot be on the porch without a headache in 1 minute during brews.   Here’s what OSHA SAYS about this awful toxin and known carcinogen,  National Cancer Institute, World Health Org.  Some neighbors are close enough to be required OSHA Vapor Masks all day as workers without pay.  Science matters to who?  Not an accomplishment so to speak but a worthy yet losing fight so far. We keep fighting. Forever.


WHO: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/icsc/showcard.display?p_lang=en&p_card_id=1415&p_version=2

NCI: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/substances/coal-tar

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/idlh/65996932.html

-In 2020 we shut down one of our community gardens 150 feet from the Sealmaster cancer stack to avoid causing harm to growers with instant headaches.

-In 2020 Our founders Jason and Candy moved out of their home in Lykins neighborhood, their very first and only personal home of 13 years and the only home they have ever owned, in order to rent another house 3 block further away from the Awful Smell and headaches caused by Sealmaster Plant.  Keeping busy here, and keeping on our toes.  

-in 2020 we applied for aid help with the KC 60 million dollar covid response fund in order to boost our aid efforts by $10k…. despite valiant efforts, we did not make the list of over 150 organization who where better positioned to serve hungry people from a distance. They busied our bodies writing that grant back in march while the world was in FEAR and we were calmly taking action.

In 2020 we thrived, by design… and not by bread alone. We did this last decade together with technology that is now fading away free speech.  It was good while it lasted, come find us somewhere on the last piece of the free web… if you can still get this message in a bottle.  

May 2021 be a better year as we take a relentless stand for Freedom and make a Declaration of Independence from Global Profiteers and Power Brokers that are weaponizing our national crisis and manipulating our Congress.  Who are aligning to squash free speech forever.  …Independence from media manipulation and State Control of our every human move in the disguise of a virus plan… And those killing our businesses and weakening our middle class.  

Who will stand again, and again, and again, until freedom is sure?   Our good systems cannot survive corruption forever. A line has been crossed.

We lay our crown down, and every last hope of future support.   If all the bricks fall… we will be back to stack them the next day.  We are committed to the next 10 years. Read our Cancel letter here.  


It’s time to stand!

Jason & Candy Fields

Co-Founders of The Urban Farming Guys

“helping disadvantaged communities rebuild from within”

Local Resiliency, Local Capacity, and Local Economy

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