We Cancel Ourselves and Burn the Brand in Protest


TODAY in PROTEST, our BRAND “The Urban Farming Guys” officially CANCELS Facebook FOREVER for Crimes Against Humanity, for Manipulating the People toward Division and WAR with algorithms feeding 2 OPPOSITE narratives and pitting the people against one another.  FB FOR engineering effective Echo Chambers to separate the JURY OF THE PUBLIC into separate rooms of opposing TRUTHS and therefore WEAPONIZING The PEACEFUL MAN to believe DEMOCRACY is BEING STOLEN both sides, piles of verifiable evidence/ no evidence. 

Mainstream MEDIA (msm):  We CHARGE you as FOREIGN ACTORS funded by various global interests for CRIMES agains Humanity. For Propagandizing the people in 2020.  For inciting a type of “see color revolution” atmosphere by interfering and destroying faith in our elections, then shaming any real journalism with your army of “living room fact checker bloggers affirming one another”.  Then critically demolishing First Amendment Rights with CENSORSHIP. 

MSM for destroying our necessary faith in our news and Journalism.  Mainstream Media unable to shake their fear of their Slaveowner Global tethered DEBTOR’S orders.

MSM painting stories and hiding TRUTH and fighting dissenting news with billions of dollars. No-one bothering to prove their own journalism past or present mistakes.

While whistleblowers and affidavits and forensics experts have reported, statistitions reported, white hat hackers reported, hundreds of witnesses under oath, whistle blower hotlines ringing all day, hours of documentation of clear and vast voter impossibilities irregularities and fraud by machines adding in the millions. Known error patterns. No access to these foreign machines for forensics.  Stinking piles of Stank under cover of obstruction of justice blocking all sides running out the clock and passing the buck to citizens.

Supreme Courts and State Legislatures Broken and unable to see past the punctuation errors and the busy calendars of the Republic. And a fearful and captivated masses, just hoping to live through covid 1 and its foreshadowed mutation.


In order to preserve this Union and SAVE THIS COUNTRY.   We must TOGETHER in a resounding YELL blow the whistle on the MEDIA NOW!  For CRIMES against HUMANITY.   And CANCEL THIS TOXIC Fascistbook PLATFORM.    With Influencers and BRANDS CANCELING FIRST. While Everyone else continuing to give them Hell.  Maybe a full block of commerce. IN Debt to America DONE. 1776 Declaration Independence from Media Manipulation.  

MEDIA must DISCLOSE its owners, debtors, and funders monthly. And those groups need to disclose their owners, until we find your Masters. Everyone so aligned.

Write your Cancel letter. Tell your story. SHARE RESOUNDINGLY. Write every last congressperson that their compliance in history will cost their Seat and their country. Tell them now.

STARTING WITH Facebook.    There MUST NEVER AGAIN be a politicized state platform MONOPOLY be allowed to feed us separate messaging and NOT be liable for the BLOOD they seek.  Too late to Regulate this one, needs cutoff, as a national sacrifice.

Facebook! WE UFG REFUSE TO PRODUCE CONTENT THERE EVER AGAIN. EVER.  FOREVER. A Content Blackout Forever.  Except to expose you.  We hope within days you will grow so stale… until you smell so rotten that we all go back to TOM. Or some other vetted source for a balanced and self regulated REALITY. WE THE PEOPLE!

THEN we award the Nobel Peace prize to AMERICA “THE PEOPLE” for this coordinated effort to expose most of the little zukerwizards behind the Curtains and OVERTHROW other FOREIGN owned MEDIA SCHEMES to own commerce and every last human! Then we can Celebrate the new year, with whomever is Prezzy.  Whom EVER. Truth, accountable to the people. BY THE PEOPLE. Post Forensics. 

All while the largest cyber warfare attack ever just begun this week from Rus_ia . Hitting most major Govt Agencies to Trillions of damage and nuclear vulnerability.  While You have no idea that (it may) be instead be CHIYNA and its marriage with our Congress in bulk.    SOLD.    Who of your leaders could use a cool 10 million dolla’ billz to help keep the Lid on this Thing!

After all ChIYna is the worlds new model for how to destroy covid with lockdown and human surveillance controls. 

You say: CHECKS and BALANCES will keep our Union together.  Normally Yes, BUT NO!  The balance WILL be exploited Exactly during the Virus.  Control is never given back historically. 

You were safe before COVID…. but with Global Elite Debtors OWNING the media outlets  and the PUBLIC FEAR that has been effectively projected upon the people. CNN 150 Billion in Debt Agency of Propaganda. Or the Washington Post hiring 1000 new journalist, so that its owner AMAZON can benefit from the VIRUS CRISIS of “STAY HOME” and suck on amazons boobie.  

You are almost fully digitized and controlled by a passport on your movements and employability’s forever by the Elite slavemasters.

This is a once in a century opportunity for various Global interests loosely aligned for this chaos covid opportunity.  Soft side of WAR—SPOILS for the ELITE.  Covid is like a performance enhancing drug for billionaires networks and power brokers. 

Our foreign enemies are just patiently waiting for the poor masses to turn on themselves like hungry dogs. 

If you think Greed round one was bad, Beware of Virus #2 mutation.   Any Chaos available will Fast Track all aligned causes of the greedy Elite.

But they overplayed their hand this round!  

The star of Bethlehem has just risen for the first time in 800 years.  Have Faith. 

The world is not ending yet…. The illusions are falling. This is Gods Grace in advance. A great awakening.

Skip History Class and lose your ass America.

When people start demanding that others voice be cut off…then you know your own voice will be lost forever. Common Enemies will painted by the OWNED Media mouthpieces of undisclosed billionaire globalist masters.  Let the poor have their race wars. While the Global Elites Divide the SPOIL and then RESET the system to save the planet… NO!

Finally the BATTLE YELL to the Revolution!:   HE packed the SUPREME COURTS!    HE STOLE IT!   THE ORANGE MAN BAD STOLE DEMOCRACY!   Or…… the Judges capitulate to known and unknown massive pressures. Flipsys.  Or any number of Outcomes SAME.  DEEP PITTING OF AMERICANS over Politics. NEVER! We declare this is FOREIGN ORIGIN and carried out by agents and profiteers turned TRAITORS.

PEOPLE When do you expect the TRUTH? HA! When the the internet goes down in the FOG OF WAR?  When the power goes out? 

Your Democrat friends are NOT the enemy, nor Republicans.  Biden is not the Enemy. Trump is not your enemy.  Millionaires are not even your enemy!….Its the multi billionaires and power brokers and turncoat agents in government high places.  War has been waged on us long before today.   If speech was free, we could work this out publicly and avoid conflicts. 

Foreign Interference: There are MUCH bigger hidden geo political agendas at play.  Here are the coming DOMINOS.  Divide us any-which-way. lockdown, Kill small business, middle class, create government job programs, then provoke states with rebuild money restrictions, restrict humans with a virus passport, Make States secede. Breaking our Union. Consolidate new powers and align for all things for the GREAT RESET.  Or 1000 variations of control and chaos. 

SHARE YOUR HEART OUT!  TELL YOUR Cancel Story. Keep it Apolitical. Tell Congress. YOU Fight with your words while you still can. March Peacefully. Stop all Commerce if nessesary. Do whatever it take before your voice is lost forever to the “common good”  of the STATE.


WE CANCEL ourselves to give you this message. If it is the last thing we do in the free world. 

WE are laying our little Crown Down, to maybe never rise again. For one last chance to speak freely. WE Cut our supply lines, and fall into the hands of GOD.  Don’t worry about us.

FIND us in the LAST FREE CORNER OF THE WEB while we can.  Vetting other platforms and starting from scratch .  We are not quitting… not in the least

We could have never done it with out you, and we could not have done it without this platform (in its original format).   We crowdsourced a dream together over the last 10 years. The URBAN FARMING GUYS THANKS YOU.  We must continue on!  

In Peaceful relentless occupying protest and in defense of Free Speech and in declaration of Independence from Global Manipulation and Slavery of Elites and corrupt government and Big Tech.  WE THE PEOPLE!

To Liberty,

Jason Fields

Founder & President The Urban Farming Guys


UFG Annual Report 2020

The Evidence Links

What’s known, verified and what is alleged, awaiting forensics 

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Possible REMEDIES 

If WE THE PEOPLE can’t unanimously TRUST EVIDENCE of the Courts, then worst case scenario:  REVOTE!!! What a cramp!  IN 4-5 contested states. Even all 50 if only to avoid more division and WAR. Don’t we need the Practice America? Let’s not get cocky, let’s build trust, Every block , door to door, verified .  Even more people will Vote.  Emergency Vote. 

NO MACHINES this round (to soon).  The RULES MUST Be on the Books upfront, Fairly set by the USA uniformly this once. The Accused step aside, Bi partisan watchdogs, rules Followed by all, or each precint must revote for as long as it takes to practice our democracy.  No free trophies.  Let’s practice until we get it perfect.  Re-earning the american TRUST again.  Whoever cheats LOSES freedom.    1 MILLION STRONG ACCOUNTABLITY TEAM will donate 2 weeks of their time to be trained in the rules.   I MILLION VOLUNTEERS.   I don’t care if it takes Pennsylvania 6 months to practice.  DO GOVERNORS Want Chaos or Practice?  NEVER AGAIN!

YOU WILL NOT AVOID Americas Death of Union, by just going with the current NARRATIVES and relying on JUDGES.  Too many Americans will already have been Weaponized by media the moment they hear the Spin of their singular bias news sources of WHO WINS. BECAUSE OF THE MANUFACTURED STINK to weaponize YOU: Democracy NOW NEEDS PROOF BOTH WAYS.  PROOF of INNOCENCE AND PROOF OF SECURITY amidst damning vulnerabilities and witnesses of the thousand cuts & No stone unturned. A Cleaning of house for the National VIOLATION of TRUST.  Nothing In between.  A Judge ruling will not do at this Point. Shame on YOU if your are complicit in these dividing narratives.

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