Lykins Crime Outreach – Fun in the Rain

9 Responses to “Lykins Crime Outreach – Fun in the Rain”

  1. Dewey Evans says:

    This is a fantastic model; I would like to get involved here in Wichita, Ks. Very tough times are on the horizon and it goes hand in glove with working on preparedness. America must re-invent that which worked in the past and together with newly developed methods of sustainability and survival methods America will be able to come together and whether the terrible storms ahead.

  2. Chris Christensen says:

    way to go jason! this thing you got going is pretty awesome. all of your old pals know how much you love mud pits and slip n slides! keep fighting the good fight

    • admin says:

      Hey Chris! Ha Ha. That big puddle of water would have been terribly hard to pass up. Thanks man.

  3. Nancy Lathrom says:

    My gosh, I’m watching the Crime Outreach video and having a great time. Lived in the NE area not far from Lykins for 21 years and wanted so much for this area to succeed and thrive, but grew weary and moved to the burbs. I still miss it. Our kids grew up here and it was a good – maybe unusual, life. I’m thankful for the opportunity to support the old neighborhood. Awesome!

    • admin says:

      Nancy, Glad you posted. There are some really great neighbors here who we have gotten to know well who have been here 50 plus years. Alot of history here. Keep in touch.

  4. Paula says:

    Wow and Wow!! I love this video!!! Through my tears and laughter my heart new there was peace for a moment in time for these kids(and adults). This is a real answer to our current situation in America. I would so love to somehow be a part of this. Please tell me how. May your efforts be blessed so you may continue to bless others.

    Thank you, to all invovled. Paula in NM

  5. LeAnn says:

    That bright yellow house in the background, at 1:43 mark, was my grandmother’s house. Spent many a night and day there watching the park from the backporch and kitchen windows and playing softball in the park. Would ride my bike from E. 6th Street to the park. So great to see the neighborhood on it’s way back.