How to make a Fruit Fly Trap under 60 seconds

Transcription of Video…

So, Candy, what do we have here? We have a homemade fruit fly trap. We brought some bananas home from the store & ended up with some fruit flies.

So, I learned you can take a piece of paper, just wrap it into a cone, cut the tips so you can have a little opening at the bottom, & set it in a little jar, glass, cup, whatever, so it’s enough room for the tip of the cone to be above the liquid. You wanna put apple cider vinegar, with just a little water & a few drops of dish soap. & the dish soap helps the viscosity so the fruit flies drown easier. They can’t fly out, they get stuck on it..& also, the cone shape—they fly in & they can’t figure out how to get out..& then just tape around the edges so they can’t fly out that way.

Set it near wherever your fruit flies would be. Put it near the bananas, & it catches them all pretty quick. This is what you get.

Ooh, that’s nasty; pretty effective. It is, it is..it’s summertime.