Composting Guerrilla Style

How to use Guerrilla Tactics to get Several Tons of Free Compost (BLACK GOLD) with very little effort. We are Taking Compost to the Next Level! Here’s to having the best soil on the planet! Go Get it!

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Transcription of Guerrilla Composting video..by The Urban Farming Guys

Happy No Shave November! How is my ‘stache doing?

It is growing really well, Buddy!

The leaves are falling! It is time for massive guerrilla composting! Why? For growing yams the size of BABIES! The world depends on it.

What do you have to say about this tater about as big as your whole body?

Crazy, that is craziness!

Wow, aliens!

I need a baby carriage!

Look, it is right there! There is one right there behind you.

We will make a sweet potato pie out of these.

The first thing you need if you are going to guerrilla compost on a massive scale is an expert. And I know just the guy!

You smell that? I think the leave done fell off the trees already! It is time for guerrilla compost. First thing we need is a pick ’em up truck!

Candy, what are we doing?

Guerrilla composting!

Alright! We are going around. Today is leaf pick up day in the city and we are grabbing them up, going to compost, guerrilla style. There is a pile of them right there. Ooh, the motherload! You let other people collect them and you pick them up. It is like morel hunting, except easier!

Dang, Candy! It looks like the Grinch just stole Christmas! Looking good!

Free couches and a burned down house, there you go!

Doublewide! That is some serious compost right there.

If you are going to compost for real, you are going to need a major source of nitrogen to go with all the carbon. That is scientifically. Now, I just tell people you are going to need a bunch of crap. I sent my cousin, Jason; I showed him just how to get a whole bunch of horse$#!* for free. Did you see him running behind that horse? He will believe anything I tell him! I could tell you some stories!

The last thing you need, the hardest thing on your journey to make guerrilla compost is a whole army who ain’t afraid of the poo.

Hey, Elijah..Hey, man, what is going on?

There is no crap to do on Saturdays.

Man, there is always crap to do on Saturdays. Come on, let me go show you something! The Urban Farming Guys always has lots of crap!

Now, it is time for the poo. Now, it is time for the poo! Now, we need a big layer of poo!

You know what they are doing? Yeah, they are making compost!

Okay, I think we are ready for more leaves, but we will pull from here. That way, we can move the pile this way.

What is that? What is what? This?–That is poop, horse poop. But, I see some poop right there! Yeah, that is poop right there!

Then, while you are still feeling crazy and in the guerrilla composting mood-Go up to your local coffee shop, ask them for their grounds. You will find as much as you ever want. Right here, this is today’s grab, right after we got us a latte.

Then, if you are really ambitious–guerrilla gardening!

So, our berry bushes, our raspberries and our blackberries here, are producing like crazy, that we planted three or four years ago. There are lots of extra shoots coming off, things we are transplanting. So, we are going to guerrilla garden. Here is a piece of property, right down the street from our stuff, with a nice fence for these to grow on. And if somebody comes along and kills them, they kill them. But, if they live, we have lots of berries for the neighborhood.

Here we are at 55 air temperature. We are going to shove this into our compost pile here. Just went up to 60, going up to 80, 105. So, it will get a lot hotter than that in two or three days.

And, here is the final product. Big thanks to all our volunteers. You guys are helping us make a massive impact here in the inner city and around the world. Stay tuned! Click the subscribe button above. We are soon going to be showing you our 100-foot long worm bed. It produces 8,000 pounds of worm castings per month. We are going to have the best soil on the planet!

4 Responses to “Composting Guerrilla Style”

  1. Love the idea of Guerrilla Style composting…

  2. cker1 says:

    Leave the bags in the piles with the leaves. They are a great source of carbon, too.

  3. say! where is the video on your 100 ft. long worm bed?! i’d like to see this. seperately, have you tried making bokashi & feeding it to your worms yet??

  4. Wow! This is really nice work! Well done!

    1. How much time had passed before you got complete compost?
    2. How did you aerate the pile?
    3. How did you make it wet?