Boogie The Urban Goat Has Triplets!


5 Responses to “Boogie The Urban Goat Has Triplets!”

  1. Paula says:

    with three babies, I ‘m thinking she won’t have milk to share. She’ll need it all for babies.

    but awesome guys. good job!

  2. Sylvia says:

    you are using straw, not hay. If you give the Doe straw, she will dry up & you don’t want that with three kids to nurse.

  3. Wow. Little touch of discovery channel. Incredible. Great to see the family grow, and cool experience for the kids to have been a part of.

    Kudos and best of luck with them.

  4. richard654 says:

    WOW. You guys are livin’ the dream. Best regards to “Boogie” and her babies!

  5. Gordon Hayes says:

    The straw is for bedding, not to eat, I am sure