Robotics Team

We are so excited to have a neighborhood robotics team that will be going to competition fall!! Team TURF (The Urban Robotics Farm)…the name the kids have chosen for the team. Home of the Farm Team…. the next generation of robotics talent. Robotics is a great foundation for kids to learn marketable job skills, from woodworking to coding, to basic electronics and of course, ROBOTICS! We have a solid core of veteran team members & mentors, ready to share their knowledge & experience with the youth of Lykins & surrounding areas. This is an opportunity to really impact the next generation with scholarships, skills & experience.
We are planning to enter our first competition this fall, so time is short. We need your help!

We already have an entire wood-shop, a 3d printer, 3D scanner, laser cutter, CNC router, large format printer, A computer lab, some metal working tools and welding shop. 20k sq ft of work space and classrooms. But to truly move forward we need a team budget for the year including 2 kits plus consumables & a travel budget for a total of $10k.

Additionally the second floor of the Makerspace is the new home for the team. For now the robotics team will share classroom space on the first floor. But with your help the robotics team will move into its home in the spacious second floor. The budget to get this beautiful space into occupancy to serve the next generation of talented kids coming out of KC’s urban core is $20,000. Help us change the odds for these kids coming out of one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in urban USA. Please consider donating here. Or sponsor the entire project and we will name the floor after you.


Mentors, Teachers & Helpers
CAD Computers
CAD Software
Bathroom Renovations
Fire Escape
Air Conditioning


Contact us about volunteering, sponsoring, interning or visiting here:  or come to one of our Saturday volunteer days 9-1 am every Saturday.