Maker Classes

Maker Classes are going on all year round at the makerspace.  Here is the variety of things you can learn at the makerspace.  If you would like to teach a new class  or attend a class please contact us here.

*Laser Cutter 101

*3D printing 101 – printing an action figure in your own likeness

*Aquaponics 101

*Jewelry making


*Soap Making

*Printing your favorite photo on Large Canvas & Stretching Canvas

*CNC Router 101

*Mushroom Bag Spawn

*Morel Mushroom Slurry Method

*Woodshop vetting

*Pallet furniture building

*Welding 101

*Arduino 101


Looking for Teaches for these future classes (teachers paid) please contact us

*build a sword

*build a wind turbine

*paint a picture

*make a forge

*build a rocket mass stove

*pizza cob oven

*100s of other possibilities in this huge space

Contact us about volunteering, sponsoring, interning or visiting here: or come to one of our Saturday volunteer days 9-1 am every Saturday.