The UFG Internship is a four-week volunteer experience working in the Lykins Neighborhood community of Kansas City. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who are eager to assist the UFG with our mission to help disadvantaged communities rebuild from within.This is an intense and deeply creative experience that will challenge you entrepreneurially to create and establish sustainable processes, technologies, and create & launch thriving economic forces that will empower blighted inner-city communities. The Lykins Neighborhood is our living canvas. In this internship, we will be learning how to facilitate change from the ground up. We will be creating opportunities from scratch, engaging the local community, and building a future and infrastructure for the next generation to thrive. We will be facing real problems head on rather than theory.  In this internship, we will form a team that will work together and experience the challenges of community and grow in the much-needed skills of interdependence.

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