After School Art

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow (for better or worse).  This is why we started an after school art program in 2011.  Many children in the urban core only have two adults who know them by name:  Their mother and their teacher .   This is just not enough in the gangland of today’s urban core.  And we know if we don’t show the children a way forward, we know that someone will.  Someone will show them how to make money, and someone will show them the hard reality of the street.  In Lykins neighborhood, we are not satisfied unless every child has 10-15 positive adults who know every child by name. With minimal resources and borrowed space, we have been able to accomplish this for a few handfuls of kids on a small scale in about a 3 block radius.  With your help we can do so much more!!!  We must grab a hold of the imaginations of the next generation. We hope that our after school program would expand to reach more kids, have its own space and include things such as robotics, after school gardening, music, multimedia, micro business and more.  This expansion is happening now in the new MakerSpace.

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