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Wiki Procedure

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Getting Started

  • Logging in: To edit the wiki, you will need to request an account first in the upper right of any wiki page. Your short bio will appear on your user page.
  • Where you can post - Most all sub pages are editable, use the edit button at the upper right. New pages can be started using the search bar once logged in. See below.
  • This wiki is focused on a wide variety of Topics around the technologies and practices that help contribute to thriving, resilient, & self-sustaining communities.
  • The purpose of this wiki is to be a shared source of best practices, research, plans and data that is accumulated and refined over time by the user-base.
  • To Create a new page simply use the search box in the upper right and type in the page name, if it doesn't already exist, it will give you the option to create it.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the wiki's general organization and the guidelines below to maintain a level of order and organization.

Wiki Strategy - How you can help the most

  • Don’t be afraid to post research as you go, it will be organized along the way.
  • It is good for the wiki to go wide first, then go deep. Even posting a good link to get a page started is helpful. See wiki guidelines below on posting links. Here is a list of empty pages that need to be developed. - Short Pages
  • A slightly developed wiki page will at least contain a link to a well developed article on the subject from another site.
  • A partially developed wiki article should be helpful in developing open source plans for implementing each technology.
  • The end product wiki article will have full research, best practices, documented results, open source plans or links to open source plans for implementing the technology, including parts lists, budgets, and prototype videos.

Wiki Guidelines

  • No Spam!
  • Do not recreate the wheel, or duplicate content on this site. Please do a search on this site before posting an article, also do a Google search.
  • If another site has already done a good job researching and developing a topic more than you planned to then just post a link to that site using wiki link syntax. Do not Link to sites that post only partial information in order to sell their book or video on the topic, unless they have published a significant article on the topic or have open source plans available online, then link directly to that article. Only link to outside articles that are significant and thorough, if the articles are weak then we need to create our own and remove the outside link. Each article should not have many links going out if the first link is significant, too many links will be moderated as spam.
  • Do strive for clarity, brevity, quality, and please get acquainted with the existing wiki data and organization before posting. Please write using the most common vocabulary, avoiding uncommon language as this wiki should be easy to understand for all.
  • Articles should be very light on history, and heavy on application, practices, downloadable plans, schematics, parts lists, budgets and reports on effectiveness.
  • Do not copy content from other locations.
  • Give credit to the source when referencing someone's work.

Some Exhaustive Help Links for Editing the Wiki - Off Site

Making it Great

  • Use lots of Categories when editing a post- it really helps the wiki flow and navigation
  • Use Pictures and Picture Galleries - most people learn best visually