Lykins Farm

  Community Garden Program


In the Urban Core, community gardens are a powerful neighborhood asset.  They have an impact on everything from reducing crime, to community building, from education to healthy food access.   Community Gardens  are a way to take back the community.  A community garden immediately puts eyes on the street.  It creates hundreds of interactions between neighbors that would have never happened.  These gardens are a huge source of education around healthy food.  Community gardens create a sense of neighborhood pride and hope for the future. They connect the dots of community by helping neighbors become aware of other positive activities such as our after school art program, and the neighborhood block watch.  They are also a spawning ground for growing champions that will go on their own to become huge producers within the neighborhood.   It is our goal to empower these growers to continue to increase our local food growing capacity.   We want to empower these local producers by promising to buy their produce at a predetermined contract rate, making it possible for them to manage their risk and growth.
The urban Farming Guys community gardens are rapidly expanding in Lykins neighborhood.  In 2013 we have installed over 100 raised bed gardens pictured below. In 2013 we also started producing our own energy, selling about $300 per month of electricity back to the grid. We can now grow up to 2000 pounds of fish every year. We catch 1000 gallons of water everytime it rains an inch.  And we are expanding, we have  acquired 13 new lots in 2013 to help create local healthy food access. We have built $25,000 raised bed gardens this year entirely without cash, it has been a miracle run of salvaged materials and bartered worm castings.   We are lifetime 0-7 on grant writing , and all odds are against us… But we keep pressing forward. Thanks for believing and seeing the same thing that we do.



















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