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How to Build a solar powered IBC tote Aquaponics System CHEAP and EASY! BLOG: Facebook: Transcription of: Solar Powered Aquaponics YouTube video… by: The Urban Farming Guys Bonk! That’s how goats love each other! Give him a bonk. ....

Tilapia Spawning for the Self Sustaining

Tilapia will lay 300 to 1000 eggs a month! This Blows Rabbits out of the Water! VLOG: Facebook:

UFG Goes to INDIA Aquaponics

The Urban Farming Guys go to extreme east India to establish an aquaponic fish farming project at an Orphanage in Imphal. See what Happens. Share it! Come join the conversation on Facebook : and the Blog at

How to grow Shiitake Mushrooms

How to grow Shitake Mushrooms BLOG: Facebook: Transcription of: How To Grow Shitake The Urban Farming Guys So, here we are with my friend, Jason Golden, at the Golden Acre Urban Farm. Tell us what we are doing, Jason. Today, we ....

Making Jelly from all those Mulberries!

transcription of “Making Jelly From All Those Mulberries” The Urban Farming Guys.. This is our final product. So, I’ve got half-pint jars of mulberry jelly. There’s a couple ways to seal them. The way that we have sealed these is with a paraffin wax. Your pour it on the top &....