Boogie The Urban Goat Has Triplets!


  • Paula

    with three babies, I ‘m thinking she won’t have milk to share. She’ll need it all for babies.

    but awesome guys. good job!

  • Sylvia

    you are using straw, not hay. If you give the Doe straw, she will dry up & you don’t want that with three kids to nurse.

  • Urbivalist Dan

    Wow. Little touch of discovery channel. Incredible. Great to see the family grow, and cool experience for the kids to have been a part of.

    Kudos and best of luck with them.

  • richard654

    WOW. You guys are livin’ the dream. Best regards to “Boogie” and her babies!

  • Gordon Hayes

    The straw is for bedding, not to eat, I am sure